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Secondary Manufacturing

Ameri-Kart offers an expansive secondary manufacturing service.  Assembly, CNC Machining, Custom Packaging and Inventory Management are all a part of our broad range of services.
Trust Ameri-Kart to complete the final stages of your custom thermoforming project with our high standard of quality.


Ameri-Kart streamlines your thermoform products by offering secondary assembly. 

CNC Machining

Our CNC machining process offers high part-to-part accuracy and consistency, and provides a low cost of production to our customers.  

Custom Packaging

Ameri-Kart provides packaging services as a part of their comprehensive manufacturing process. In addition to consumer and carton packaging, we offer labeling, ID tagging and bulk shipping. 

Inventory Management

We maintain routine inventories of all parts and sub-components.  
Count on Ameri-Kart for on-time delivery of your manufacturing needs.
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