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Secondary Manufacturing

Ameri-Kart's value added approach to customer service includes a variety of secondary manufacturing capabilities.  We utilize 5-axis CNC routers for trimming, in conjunction with secondary component assembly as specified.
Rely on Ameri-Kart to complete the final stages of manufacturing with precision and repeatable high-quality methods resulting in JIT delivery. With our wide-ranging expertise, we continually meet the challenges brought to us.


Ameri-Kart manufactures precision fixtures for a wide range of applications.  We are highly experienced in building custom secondary fixtures for hand or CNC trimming.   

Some products include:
·         CNC fixtures
·         Foam fixtures
·         Inspection measuring fixtures
·         Attribute gauges


Ameri-Kart offers a range of services to simplify your manufacturing process by providing complete sub-component assembly. We regularly provide the following for customers:
·         Install mounting brackets
·         Assemble and install sensors
·         Attach internal baffles and control cables
·         Spin weld fittings
·         Rivet hinges, handles and clasps
·         Install doors and cover panels
·         Drill, tap and set threaded metal inserts


Cavity foaming is a secondary manufacturing process available to our customers. Double wall or hollow core molded items can be filled with two-part urethane, rigid foam to provide increased rigidity, flotation, sound or temperature insulation.  Insulating foam is frequently used in food and produce handling containers, thermal carts, tables and coolers.

CNC Machining

Our CNC Routers achieve precision cutting and trimming repeatability in the manufacturing process. CNC machines offer a quality, cost effective way to trim custom parts.  

Molded-on Graphics

Ameri-Kart offers a variety of methods for adding customized graphics to molded products. Mold-on graphics is the most common method for adding logos, usage instructions, serial numbers or graphic designs to your plastic products post-mold. Hot stamping is also available for end product traceability programs.

Inventory Management

Ameri-Kart has an extensive resource pool for all parts and sub-components once production contracts are in place.

We maintain on-site inventories throughout the term of the contract to assure continuous production and a steady supply of finished products when and where they are needed.

Custom Packaging

Ameri-Kart offers several options in custom packaging to complete the manufacturing process. Depending on your requirements, we will:
·         Barcode label
·         Consumer package
·         Carton package
·         Add warning labels
·         Install maintenance instructions
·         Bulk ship
·         Drop ship

Contact us for more information on any our secondary manufacturing options.